The Worries of the past

Letter to Hip Hop

Dear Hip Hop: Hip Hop, I want to thank you for the lessons you have taught me throughout the years.  We have gone through the good and the bad.  You taught me about breaking blunts before I even knew what they were. I learned not to lie about big butts that I like. While in […]

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In my eyes

In my eyes, I am afraid of what I can do. In my eyes, I am afraid I am capable of accomplishing great things. In my eyes, do doing well means people will expect more of me. In my eyes, I don’t know if it’s fear of success or I’m actually capable of it. In […]

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Sunny Awareness


The Woman

“The Woman” Compelled by its beauty, gifted at heart with the expansion of longing. Sentiment is she, sensitive ways brought between shades of confusion for goodness dependable to bring light. Emanating love for the purity of all. Restless fighter, commanding caring words for awakening the inner hidden kindness. Sighting its ways harsh, her path is […]

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The Insane Seeker Part three

No room for another thought Not a soul but you and me. My departed, The leaves on the trees are brown Brown! It frightens me Men are hunting each other down like, Savaged beasts! Blood and tears all over the ground No! No assistance anywhere in sight, The majority will be content and sleep as […]

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Day Like No Other

Day like no other, full of… surprises of love, whisper below my ears I heard it,I glanced at it for a moment I smell the odors of fresh signs of apprehension, deciding my actions toward them “stranger” happy I was for climbing on the right of things, for happiness of them “everyone”. By Yuri De […]

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The Insane Seeker Part two

I long for those days in the green meadow Happy in the Spring of May, Free of pain and sorrow, Listening to the chickadee sing, Eating oranges, and my peculiar grin, I the dreamer and you; a dream come through, No one told me that the enemy would eventually Catch up to us, you and […]

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The Metaphors of Poems

“Love is vanity of not knowing the will behind this force, Vanity is the ignorance of knowing love does not bring… Perhaps, love is the force behind the will of all.” by Yuri De Vilhena

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